Frequently Asked Questions

Indianapolis-area VHS Tape to DVD Transfer Service. Just $9/tape. Convert VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8 and MiniDV. Zionsville, Lebanon, Avon, Brownsburg, Danville, Carmel. Q: I know your website says the rate is $9 per tape, even if the tapes are short. But my tapes are really short! So...what will it cost me to convert my tapes?

A: The website isn't lying, it really is $9 per tape, regardless of tape length.

Q: But why?

A: To keep the price low, we must make the process as automated as possible. It requires the same amount of work on our part whether your tape is one minute or two hours, even if they will all fit on one DVD.

Q: Ok, fine. Can you put my footage all on one DVD anyway?

A: If you want to combine tapes onto one DVD, that's fine--we can put up to two hours of footage on one DVD. We will estimate the tape length before the transfer to decide whether or not it will fit.

If we are wrong and a particular tape won't fit, at our discretion we will either re-transfer the entire tape to a new DVD or we will start a new DVD where the previous tape ended.

Q: Do you offer any additional services not listed on this site?

A: Maybe. You can certainly ask. We are first and foremost a full-service video production company, but these services are billed differently than regular tape to DVD transfer.

The simple truth is, custom services like editing will generally take more time (and consequently cost more) than most customers will want to spend, as these are "out of the ordinary" requests. Our goal is to keep the transfer process as automated as possible, as to keep costs low. And we are frequently busy enough that we simply don't have time for DVD editing projects.

Customers needing specialized editing of their footage, including custom menus, should contact Diane Borgard at Multimedia Memories, (317) 567-3094 (and mention Indy VHS to DVD when you call!)

Q: There's lots of stuff on my tape I don't want. Can you leave that extra stuff off?

A: As mentioned, this is an automated process. To only copy certain parts of a tape, we would have to sit and watch your entire tape, which we often don't have time to do.

You have a couple options. We can program our machine to record a certain length of time, set in ten-minute blocks. If you let us know how much video you need copied (rounded up to the nearest ten) we will transfer accordingly.

You can also cue your tape to the point where you want transfer to stop, and we will rewind to figure out how much needs to be transferred. As mentioned, we must round up to the nearest ten minutes. In either case, please let us know the situation when you deliver your tapes.

Per the "fine print" on the website, tapes running longer than two hours will continue onto a second (or third or fourth) DVD at a cost of $4 a piece. If your tape runs for six hours, we will transfer the entire contents (and, as expected, the cost will be $17). If you suspect a particular tape will run long with junk you don't want--say, for example, you recorded over a full tape of old TV shows and movies--please let us know when leaving your tapes and we can check it out.

Q: Can you do my transfer while I wait?

A: If you make arrangements ahead of time, we can start your transfer immediately, but we ask that you leave and come back. We don't have an area for you to hang out in while you wait. Transfers will take the length of your tape plus about 10 minutes.

Q: Downtown Indianapolis!? I'm not driving there. Can I mail my tapes to you?

A: If you are comfortable sending your tapes through the mail, sure. Contact us for the address. In this case, we suggest sending your material and paying online when your materials are ready to be shipped back. You will know how much your original shipping was, and we will let you know how much extra to include for the weight of the DVDs.

Zach Rosing Productions will not be responsible for materials lost in the mail. We recommend using a tracking number.

If you don't need your tapes returned to you, we can ship back just your finished DVDs. We will hang on to them until we've confirmed your DVDs are working properly.

Q: I need my tapes converted yesterday. What's your schedule?

A: Please be aware that this is a side business for me. I make every effort to accommodate all requests, but unless we agree upon a specific date and time for a tape to be picked up, any time estimates are just that--an estimate.

Generally, the problem we face isn't getting tapes converted in time; it's finding a convenient pickup time. I'm away from my office random times during the day. If you have specific time requirements, make sure they are explained carefully before dropping off your materials.

Q: My tape isn't playing back very well. Can you do anything to fix it?

A: Possibly. We have a variety of machines that all react a bit differently to "bad" tape. We will do our best to get the highest quality output.

Even if your tape has problems, as long as our recorder does not stop we will transfer the entire contents. If you are unsatisfied with the results, generally your only option will be a refund of the purchase price (upon return of the DVDs in question).

If your tape breaks in our machine (snaps loose from its reel when rewinding or splits in two), there is a $5 charge to fix it. Per the Limited Liability Agreement you sign before leaving your tapes, we will not be held responsible if this happens.

If your tape does not move correctly while in our machine (gets stuck, spools don't turn properly), in order to protect your tape and our equipment, we will not continue attempting a transfer. Tapes stuck in a machine that require disassembly to remove, at our discretion, may be subject to a $5 charge.

Q: The sound on my tape is low and fuzzy, and the colors are a bit green, it's out of focus and shaky--can you make it look brand new?

A: No.

Q: Is there otherwise any reduction in quality during the transfer?

A: There should not be. The DVD should play back exactly as the tape played back on our machine.

Q: I have a bunch of old Disney movies. Can you please transfer these for me?

A: As the website states, commercially purchased tapes (this includes most movies, some exercise videos--potentially anything you purchased from a store) probably cannot be transferred. This is due to copy protection signals on the tape that physically stop the recorder--not our unwillingness to help you out. There's simply nothing I can do about it.

Movies recorded off TV and event videos (dance recitals, school or choral performances, etc.) should transfer just fine.

Q: Can I edit DVD footage on my computer?

A: The better answer to this question is, we do not employ any copy protection that hinders you from copying the contents of your DVD to your computer. How you actually go about editing the video is your problem, though. It's not as simple as dragging the file into Windows Movie Maker.

When our company needs to work with DVD footage, we use a program called MPEG Streamclip. Check it out. Some searches on Google will yield some useful tutorials.

While copying files from a DVD usually works flawlessly, note that sometimes your particular model of DVD drive, the computer or software you use, and even characteristics of the original blank DVD occasionally cause problems (problems that do not otherwise hinder the playback of your footage). While we will re-run any DVD you are not satisfied with, we really have no way to 100% guarantee you will always be able to successfully rip files from our DVDs.

We recommend transferring to video files if you wish to edit your footage later.

Q: Can you ramble a bit about the DVD labeling process?

A: Alright. Labels are printed directly onto the surface of the DVD. They are not stick-on labels (which can damage your machine).

The order form on the website allows you to easily pick the style of your choosing and write out exactly how the DVDs should be labeled. Another option, if you have multiple tapes, is to attach post-it notes to each tape with the desired phrasing.

If you choose not to use the order form or provide titles, the DVDs will be labeled exactly as they are written on the tape's label (typos, abbreviations, inconsistent punctuation and all). We can also leave the DVDs blank.

There really is no space limit for the labels. I can shrink and fit as much text on the label as you'd like.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Sometimes. Please contact us and let us know how many tapes you plan to transfer and we'll let you know. When discounts are provided, it is based on number of tapes, not as a generic amount for your order. This is due to people asking for a discount, showing up with fewer tapes and wanting the same discount.

Discounts must be agreed upon before you leave your tapes, not upon pickup.

Q: Can you make more copies of a DVD at a later time?

A: Sure, but we will need the original DVD. If you suspect you might want extras at a later date, pay for an archive copy for $9 that we will keep at our office. At any point in the future we can run more copies from this master DVD. Extra copies are $5 and there is no additional shipping cost.

Q: Do you know someone that will provide a service your company does not?

A: No, sorry. Our competitors don't make a habit of contacting us. One of them even (badly) word-for-word copied our website! However if you find someone who did a great job providing a service we do not offer, please share his or her information with us.

We do not convert S-VHS, any HD format, Beta, broadcast-format tapes, full-sized DV or any other strange format you happen to have. We do not transfer audiotapes or vinyl to CD. We do not offer photo or slide scanning.

Q: Do you offer PAL videotape transfer?

A: We now offer international videotape transfer to DVD. This service is provided for VHS, VHS-C, and camcorder tapes (provided you still the working foreign-model camcorder to play them). We can transfer PAL B/G (Germany, Spain, Western Europe), PAL I (UK, Hong Kong), PAL D/K (China), PAL-M (Brazil), PAL-N (Argentina), SECAM B/G (Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia), SECAM D/K (CIS, Eastern Europe), NTSC4.43 (Middle East) and MESECAM (Middle East). We cannot transfer SECAM tapes from France.

Because these tapes require special equipment these transfers are $20 per tape. This covers three to four hours of footage. Additional copies are the standard $5 a piece. Tapes longer than four hours are an extra $5 for every additional two hours.

Q: Do you operate out of your home?

A: Indy VHS to DVD is a home-based business. Working from home means flexibility in scheduling drop off/pick up of materials. I am often available during day, evening and weekend hours. And with none of the overhead involved with office space, we keep our prices low.

Q: Do you keep a copy of my footage once I pick up my materials?

A: For DVD transfers, we only keep a copy of your completed DVD if you pay for our extra archival service. It's important that you confirm all your material plays back as expected before disposing of your VHS tapes.

For transfers to video files, we generally keep your footage for about a week, or until you've confirmed everything is working. After that point, we often keep the footage until we need to free up space on our machine, just in case you have an issue in the future, but we don't guarantee any particular timeframe.

Your privacy is very important to us--we never keep footage long-term without permission, and it will never be placed online.

Q: Why should I trust you?

A: Zach Rosing Productions has been providing video production services to the Indianapolis community since 2002. Visit our website to see some of the organizations we work with and the projects we've worked on. We are primarily an event videography company for arts organizations and are well known throughout the community.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. If you are not pleased with a transfer, we will either refund your money (upon return of the DVDs) or will re-run your tape at no charge.